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Are you a European citizen considering seeking work, training or apprenticeships in another EU country, Norway or Iceland? Then you can get help and support in the EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme.

  • dedicated support from national employment services
  • tackles the needs of jobseekers to remove mobility obstacles on a fair basis.
  • cover funding to things like language courses, getting your qualifications recognized, travel and subsistence expenses

Who is it for?

EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme offers:

  • Jobseekers aged 18 and over.
  • Nationals of an EU country, Norway or Iceland – or anyone legally resident in these countries.
  • Any jobseeker, regardless of their qualifications.

How to search for relocation jobs, training or apprenticeships?

  • You can click the below links to see current jobs and information about the lead employment service and their partners.
  • You can contact your locall EURES Adviser for more job matching/information. You can search through the EURES portal where jobs from all EU countries, Norway and Iceland are published. The registered employers can also find your specific skills if you add your CV to the portal.

Read the below links for more information about the Targeted Mobility Scheme.



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